Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fall into Winter Makeup Look of the Day (MOTD / FOTD)

Ah the cold winter days are coming in and you know what the means... wait I really don't. I mean it could mean loads of things from Thanksgiving (well isn't that still technically an Autumn sort of holiday?), Christmas, SNOW (jk we don't get that here in Cali Q.Q) my birthday (woot woot~!), and WINTER BREAK? Oh and I can't forget.. FAMILY TIME. I love the holidays probably mostly because I get to spend time with my parents and all our relatives and really it's just such a fun, eating-till-you're-stuffed time :)

But that's beside the point, I've got midterms and finals coming up in the next 3 weeks so gotta crunch down and lock myself up and start studying sigh :( I thought I'd share this look that I did today just for anyone who's curious. I've being actually doing a lot darker looks than I'm used to and applying my eyeshadow with a heavier hand which may seem a bit harsh to some people, but with the gloomy overcast weather, I find it looks better to have darker make up. Today I used my Wet & Wild Palette in "Comfort Zone" - it's one of their old 8 shadow sets that comes with 4 brown centered shades and 4 green centered shades and they're all super pigmented and just lovely. I also used my Naked palette (been lovingg it :D) to blend out the crease area. This look is definitely one of the darker looks I've worn and I do have a lighter dark (oh the irony) look that I might post up if I get the chance to haha. Hope you like the close up (always so awkward and hard to get a good close up shot) but I'm not wearing any foundation and didn't fill my eyebrows in so excuse the awkwardness.. THE CENTER OF ATTENTION IS MY EYES SO JUST LOOK AT THOSE LOL >__<" And of course my obligatory cam-whore shots, don't you love my so-not-fashionable sweater... it's cold alright?! Ain't nobody got time to get all dressed up.. it's about getting warm and cozy! Yeah okay I'll stop rambling and hope that whoever reads this is having (or had) a wonderful day ^__^; Off to study some ochem T__T Also pray for those in the Philippines, good luck on any big tests you guys are all having, annnd remember to smile~! :)

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