Sunday, November 3, 2013

Story of My Life

Hi everyone, sorry I've been gone for about 2 weeks now (sigh there goes  my resolve to be posting every week) but been busy with school and haven't been able to write a decent post till now. Although even right now, this isn't a full post about makeup or anything - but I promise I have a few drafts that are just waiting to be published but I got to edit them and what not (man I didn't realize blogging took so much work! Mucho respect to all those who can do it everyday!).

Anyways, the reason I wanted to just get this out there is because, if you've seen my videos you'll know I am an avid fan of Kpop and One Direction. Yes I'm one of those fan girls but no I'm not crazy, I think. They just released their music video for their new song "Story of My Life" and I just wanted to let you fellow readers living under a rock about it ;P Just kidding, but really, if you haven't seen it, please please please go check it out. Yes I'm partially saying that because I would love to see them break the Youtube 24 hour record because Miley Cyrus currently has it for Wrecking Ball (which I have NOT watched and really don't plan on from what I've heard) and ok, really? I know not everyone is a One Direction fan but if you listen to this song, I promise you you won't be disappointed. It is so different from their usual pop teenage song, there's this feeling of maturity and growth that really shows how much they've grown over the past three or so years. I hope this isn't turning into some weird mushy post, but I would just appreciate if you went and checked out their song.
If you hate it, feel free to bash me here because I will take the heat for them. HAHA. Jokes. Please don't hate me for making you listen to it. I'm not forcing you, just asking kindly ^__^; Anywho, I hope you guys are all having a wonderful day. If you also didn't know, daylight savings just started (or is it ended?) today so we get one more hour woohoo~! Hope you all spend/spent it well! I'll be back with my Korea posts, haul, and other beauty related things soon enough so keep waiting~<3

Love you all!

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