Tuesday, January 3, 2017

IWEARSIN ClothingReview

I bought two bralettes from IWEARSIN, a small online company, a while back ago and have just gotten around now to writing a review on the things I got. I only know of the company because my sister bought two flowy crop tops from them and gave one to me because it was too big for her. I still haven't figure out how to pull it off though but that's more because I'm not skinny at the waist so cropped things don't always look good on me. ANYWAYS, that aside, I was a little nervous about buying from the site and didn't know it had reviews until after I purchased the items. I do wish they would display the review rating like under the product near the price so that it's easily view-able (right now the reviews are at the bottom of the page so you'll only see them if you scroll down..not sure how I missed them tbh). Unfortunately most of their bralettes were out of stock/only the medium-large size is available (they only have two sizes: XS-S and M-L) so I could only get their two basic cross bralettes in black and white. All their bralettes are currently $10 (well actually the whole site is $10 which it also was when I last bought the bralettes so I don't know if they kept the sale going since then cause that''s a very long time!) but most of the sizes are sold out so sorry don't get your hopes up. I'm not sure when they'll restock either.
I'll start off by saying I do like both the bralettes. I was a little concerned about the white bralette being see-through/not being thick enough to cover my nips properly (lol real girl talk here okay) but I tried it on and it wasn't super bad and I just wear nipple stickers or a sticky backless bra and it ends up being fine. I've worn these with skirts that I wear up to my waist (aka high-waisted) so I'm not exposing too much skin and it looks nice. I'm like a US size 2-3 (in dresses and jeans) and usually a size S for Forever 21 and most other places so I got the XS-S size and they fit perfectly. My sister, who is way skinnier than me and has to get like XXS everywhere and wears like jeans that are 000 (-_-), tried on the bralette and said it was okay, a little bit big but still fit alright. My only issue with these is that they are both a little low. I guess the photo they post on there website with a real person wearing them is pretty accurate on where the bralette will sit on your chest/body but it's not like very obvious in the photos that its quite low (or at least to me it wasn't). I actually was wearing this under a normal T-shirt like a as a bra one day and when I went to change and took off my shirt, the bralette had totally slipped down and my boobies were a bit exposed. It wasn't like my whole boobs were popping out but the fact that the bralette can slip down a little low and expose certain things that you wouldn't want exposed is something to keep in mind. I find myself constantly pulling up the straps when I wear this just because I get scared of a nip slip or something.
Here's two ways I've styled both tops. You can find more style and fashion pictures on my fashion instagram!

The fact that it sits low on the chest is also an issue if you want to wear these under something and have like the criss-cross top part showing because it's so low that whatever you're wearing over needs to be significantly oversized/low/big/slouchy to show the criss-cross lines or else you won't see anything (if that makes sense).
Anyways for $10, I think these bralette's are a great bargain. The quality is good (it's not basic cotton it's kind of a shiny-ish material) and they're very comfortable (the tag isn't super itchy) and versatile. Plus the fact that shipping is free in the US for anything over $15 is like a MAJOR plus for me (I never buy anything unless I get free shipping haha).

More into the purchasing and shipping process, I felt like purchasing the clothes was convenient and secure. The shipping was (surprisingly) pretty quick; I don't remember exactly how long it took but definitely within like 2-4 days I would say. I've gotten a comment before on Instagram by someone who was saying not to support the brand because of poor communication/other things that apparently make the company bad? But my personal experience was fine and I had no issues so I personally can't comment against the company and all in all, I'd give a thumbs up to IWEARSIN. They actually have a very nice program where if you buy their fleece leggings (which have very interesting and unique patterns), they will donate some for Vietnamese children in need. (Per the site: "With every two pairs of adult-sized fleece leggings produced, one pair of mini-sized fleece leggings would be made for a child.") The company/site is affordable and easy to use, and come on, free shipping over $15? They had me there.

(P.S. If it wasn't already obvious, I wasn't sponsored/asked to write this review but wanted to do this myself just to talk about my opinion on the products I got!)

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