Saturday, July 26, 2014

Good Eats - Hong Kong Edition - Phoenix Sweets (Ep. 2)

The lighting is pretty off since the place is very well lit but I think the white walls made my camera get confused and dim all my photos a tad.

On the rare occasion that I didn't have anything to do on a lovely Friday, I was able to go out and explore a couple of cafes I had on my bucket list of places to go before I leave Hong Kong. One of these places I stopped by was Phoenix Sweets - partially on accident - but I was in the Central and Sheung Wan area and found PMQ. PMQ is a sort of like a shopping plaza but not really since it's basically just a building filled with lots of hipster type small shops that are either dessert/sweet shops or ridiculously overpriced clothing shops or random small useless item boutiques (you get my point.. basically places you take pictures of but don't actually buy anything from besides the foodies). Anyways, Phoenix Sweets drew me in right from the start with the elaborately decorated cakes all across the shop and the super cute pastel coloring. They can do personalized cakes which you can order in stores or online at their website (definitely go look at their site if you're looking for cakes for a wedding or some sort of party because they are freaking amazing looking). On display, they have beautifully decorated cupcakes and the lady was super nice and friendly and helped me pick out the Rose Earl Grey cupcake. Honestly my current pictures don't do it any justice because I walked around the entire day before getting back home and taking the photos so the frosting sort of dropped BUT I think it still tasted quite nice. I actually had difficulty getting it out of the container which was like a good and bad thing. The lady put my cupcake in this nice plastic cup with a lid and their logo on it which was super cute in my opinion and a really smart way to hold the cupcake to prevent it from getting squashed or anything. The only problem was actually getting out my cupcake because, as you can see from the photos, I sort of ruined the frosting while trying to get it out T__T I mean there's no other way other than to shake the cup/tap it gently to sort of wiggle the cupcake out and.. well you get the point hand + cupcake coming out of cup = not so pleasant. 
The Rainbow Vanilla is supposed to be a special that is not always around but it seemed pretty standard in flavor and just different looking so I decided to go with the Earl Grey :)
Sooo cute although a bit pricey but I love the packaging and detail.

Admittedly I had high hopes for the Rose Earl Grey cupcake. I mean first off it cost $40 which is pretty pricey for a cupcake (about $6 US dollars!) but it also just looked very nice and the lady said it was one of the more popular flavors. I liked the bottom cake part of the cupcake as it was very moist and I could definitely taste the Earl Grey with hints of rose and it wasn't too sweet at all. Sometimes cupcake bottoms are too sweet or they're not sweet enough but this was the perfect middle. The frosting however... wasn't as amazing. It wasn't exactly a smooth texture in my mouth and felt more grainy like I could feel the sugar particles in the frosting, but then the frosting actually wasn't even very sweet, like not sweet at all! I suppose you can say that it's a good thing for those of you who aren't too fond of overly sweet treats but I do feel like the frosting could have had a bit more flavor. I could taste a little bit of rose but that was really it. I ended up scraping off most of the frosting because I just couldn't get over the strange grainy-ness of it but the cupcake part still tasted delicious!

Taken inside Holly Brown Cafe earlier in the day so the frosting is a bit higher haha!
Despite the slight mishap with the frosting,  I had a pleasant experience at Phoenix Sweets and would recommend you check it out if you are in the Central area and stop by PMQ. There are a lot of other sweet shops (that I'll be sharing in later episodes!) but make sure you leave room to stop by Phoenix Sweets. The decor and presentation of the shop is nicely put together creating a pleasant atmosphere and there are two small tables (though outdoors) for customers to sit and enjoy their sweet buys. The lady who helped me out was absolutely nice despite my horrendous Cantonese and she even helped tape up a box I had got from another shop that I had accidentally torn. The shop is definitely a bit pricey but if it's just a one-time thing, it doesn't hurt to try their cupcakes ;P They also have gluten free ice cream for the hotter days which apparently is pretty good and is also sold at the PMQ night market. Though I'm not particularly fond of the frosting on my cupcake, I did appreciate the "not-too-sweet" aspect of the cupcake and the way they were able to incorporate the earl grey and the rose without it being too much or too little.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Good Eats - Hong Kong Edition - Awfully Chocolate (Ep. 1)

I'm currently staying in Hong Kong with one of my aunts volunteering at a research lab in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Maybe not as prestigious as the University of Hong Kong but it still has an amazing research faculty and I'm definitely honored to be able to participate in the lab that I am currently in. Of course it's been taking up a lot of my time and I've been studying for the MCAT - a test that you really have to do well in to get into medical school in the United States - but that hasn't stopped me from getting my yummy Asian food. Unfortunately, being a fatty in US has backfired on me as I'm currently trying to diet while living in one of the best food places in the world. Oh the delights I've missed out on... But still, I've been able to splurge every now and then so I wanted to share a bit of my food adventures, or good eats might I say (no copyright infringement on Alton Brown's original Good Eats show which BY THE WAY I LOVEE <3) with all of you.

So here's my first episode of Good Eats - Hong Kong edition. The first place I wanted to share is called Awfully Chocolate. You can click here to redirect to their website - after you read this post of course ;D. I visited the Awfully Chocolate store in Tsim Sha Tsui which is located in the K11 Shopping Plaza. You can find this shopping plaza about a minute walk away from the D1 exit of the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station, but really if you're not sure, just Google map it and you'll easily find your way.

Honestly I wasn't sure what to get at first and wasn't exactly planning on buying anything from the store (never really gravitate towards the all chocolate shops) but to be honest, the "Free Samples" sign totally drew me in LOL. I was able to try the Super Premium Dark Chocolate cake but well, you know me. I prefer the sweet unhealthy chocolates, not the at least somewhat healthy antioxidant rich dark chocolate ;P The lady who helped me out was super friendly and nice despite my gosh darn awful Cantonese and she helped me decide between the White Chocolate Creme Brulee Tart and the White Chocolate Butterscotch Block. I ended up choosing the latter one but I kind of wish I got the creme brulee just because I lovee creme brulee in general, but the White Chocolate Butterscotch Block was still quite delightfully yummy.

I love how you get this cute plastic spoon although it's a little awkward because the handle is so small but hey, I love little mini things~! Honestly I should have taken a picture before I took a bite but the delicious look and smell of the entire thing won me over and I "accidentally" took a huge scoop out of the cake before I got a decent shot of it haha. You can't blame me.. it looked and smelled soo good! The texture was definitely a bit of a shock to me at first. I thought the white part would be more of a standard vanilla cake or like a Japanese Swiss roll so spongey and fluffy. Instead, it's actually some sort of cream like texture but it's so light and still fluffy..just in a different way. The brown rolled part was more like the standard cake that I'm used to but super moist and then the inside and top brown coating is milk chocolate with butterscotch bits sprinkled throughout (probably my favorite part of the cake). The cake is definitely sweet so you'll need coffee or tea to go with it and I definitely couldn't finish the whole thing, but it's still something nice to try. I didn't realize they had ice cream until I went on their website later that night but from what the reviews say, it's pretty good so maybe I'll try it next time! (Though I'm not particularly a fan of all chocolate ice cream). If I were to go back, I'd definitely try the creme brulee but I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try something unique and new. I'd also see if you can get smaller than a 100g slice (mine was a little bit under) as it cost $40 HKD per 100g - not too bad since I expected everything at the shop to be crazily overpriced. I would suggest less than 50g if they let you buy that small of a slice and even then that's probably quite a lot in my opinion.
Anyways overall I thought the place was nice. Not a sweet shop you absolutely MUST try, but if you are looking for a cake for a celebration and you know that the people who will eat it like dark chocolate, I'd definitely go for their famous dark chocolate cakes (the one I got to sample). They have one filled with banana and another with Rum&Cherry or just a standard all dark chocolate for the less adventurous folks ;P I'll be posting up more Good Eats blog posts so subscribe or follow me if you want to be updated ^__^

Friday, June 6, 2014

Frozen's Princess Elsa Inspired Makeup Look

One of the most popular Disney princess movies ever was Frozen, recently released in November of 2013. Princess Elsa is definitely beautiful and her purple eye look really stands out. Right after I watched the movie, I was inspired to do a makeup look based off of Princess Elsa's look.
I used the above photo for reference when I was creating this look in case any of you were wondering. I'm in no way saying I look like her or that I could ever look as gorgeous as she does, but I had a lot of fun recreating her look! I know this is super late and probably way out of season (much more appropriate for fall or winter when I had originally done this) but I just wanted to share it with any of you guys interested. I used a mix of purple shadows and can do a makeup tutorial if any of you are interested~!

I love how soft the look is but still really elegant and pretty. It's a beautiful smokey eye without being too much and you only really fully see the color when you blink/look down. It suits brown eyed girls (anyone get that reference to the Korean girl band? ;D ) or blue eyes like Elsa or really any eye color in my opinion. Anyways I have to go study for my exams but hope you are all enjoying your summer (if you're already finished with school) and good luck to everyone else who still is in school and has finals or end of the year projects coming up! xoxo.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Introducing the GoVoxBox from Influenster

 Hi everyone~! Sorry it's been a while since my last post since I've been so caught up with my exams but summer is almost here so I know I just have to push through this last stretch and then it'll be all over! As my fellow Kpop lovers would say "Fighting~!" haha ^__^ Another thing keeping me going is also knowing that my family and I are going to Yellowstone National Park for a road trip right after my last exam! I'm so excited and actually, my GoVoxBox from Influenster couldn't have come at a more perfect time! I was so excited to receive it and it really has a bunch of products that are just perfect for my family road trip!

As you can see, it contains items perfect for any outdoor activities really! A bag of almonds to snack on, a protein shaker bottle (I'VE ALWAYS WANTED ONE OMGOSH NOW I'M PART OF THE COOL FITNESS CLUB LOL <3), protein shakes to keep me fueled throughout the day, tampons in case of ..well you know haha, and even shoe inserts to make sure I can walk the distance! I was also delighted to see the pumice stone because I walk outside barefoot all the time and my heels are just (okay sorry if this is TMI) caked with dead skin. It's so bad that when my foot itches, I really have to dig my nail into my skin because it's so thick that just scratching the surface doesn't get rid of that itch!
Here is the bag of Blue Diamond Almonds in the Blueberry flavor that I received and I am SO excited to try them out! I haven't actually tried them so I can't give my honest opinion yet and I do actually want to save them for my trip, but let me say, they look delicious! I love Blue Diamond almonds in general, ever since I tried their chocolate flavored almonds - SO good! My boyfriend and I were on the Keto diet which is basically a no/extremely low carb and high fat diet and we were allowed to eat nuts in small amounts. One day, my boyfriend was craving chocolate and of course we couldn't actually eat real chocolate so we came upon the Blue Diamond chocolate almonds and they were amazing!! If you haven't tried them out, I definitely suggest them. They're much healthier than the actual chocolate coated or covered almonds that you normally see since it's just like cocoa powder on the surface of the almonds (sort of like how these blueberry almonds are coated in a blueberry powder) but they taste amazing! So I definitely have high hopes for these blueberry flavored almonds and can't wait to try them out. Almonds are the perfect snack for on the go and they really do keep you full because they're high in healthy fats. These blueberry almonds are extra good because they contain Vitamin E, an antioxidant that you know we all need!
As I mentioned before, I was superr excited to try out the Pedi-Rock from Profoot since my feet are just caked with layers of skin. Unfortunately I was sorely disappointed. I used it in the shower to try and remove the layers of dead skin and while I was using, the Pedi-Rock was like falling apart! I mean black beads just kept fall off of it which was quite alarming. It did work in removing some of my dead skin though but no better than an ordinary pumice stone or file so I don't know if I would recommend this really. Super disappointed that I couldn't love this product but it's not that it doesn't work - it's just nothing special. The shoe inserts on the other hand were quite nice. They are surprisingly comfortable when I put them in my running shoes and walked around for the whole day. I don't know how necessary they really are, but if you're looking for a shoe insert, I'd definitely suggest these!

The Next Step Fit n Full Protein shakes that I received were an unexpected but wonderful surprise. I've been struggling with my weight for the past 2-3 years now and I'm always trying to find healthy snacks, meal plans, or meal supplements. I got three different protein mix flavors which included Swiss Chocolate, Rich Vanilla, and Fresh Berries. So far I've only tried Swiss Chocolate (hey this girl was craving her daily chocolate dose) and it was absolutely delicious! I've always been a bit wary of protein shakes because from what my workout guy friends always say, those usually don't taste the best. I know most fitness girls put protein powder in their smoothies and stuff which I usually do too but with these protein mixes, all I need to do is add water and..shake! Such a perfect invention for me since I always have early morning classes and no time to eat breakfast.
The last thing I received in my GoVoxBox was the Aqua Spa Body Creme. Apparently you could have gotten the Aqua Spa Bath Salts but I'm glad I got the Body Creme because my skin is always so dry so I'm always open to trying new more moisturizing lotions. As you can see in the photo, (ignoring my disgustingly old looking hands) the creme is pretty thick but it absorbs into the skin super quickly. It has a distinct scent to it since it's says it contains lavender and chamomile and I can't put my finger on the exact scent but I want to say it smells like shaving cream.. but I feel like it's a man's shaving cream not like the girl kinds that have the nice paradise scents (if you know what I'm talking about haha). If any of you guys have tried this body creme and know what it smells like, pleasee leave a comment down below because it's bugging me that I can't put my finger on the scent! >:(

Oh and last but not least (because I almost missed it haha so I felt it only appropriate to add it at the very end), there was a coupon for Mueller Greek Yogurt. I've heard of the brand and seen it every so often in Target but never tried it but now with the coupon, there's nothing stopping me haha. I love eating Greek yogurt - plain or with fruit - and it's so good for you and keeps your full for a long time~! My favorites include the Honey Greek yogurt by Sunnyside Farms (the name-brand sold by Save Mart and Lucky supermarkets), Trader Joe's Honey Greek yogurt, and the Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt (all their flavors are deliciouus). Maybe the Mueller Greek yogurts will get added to this list haha. I'll definitely let you guys knows if I end up liking it when I get off my lazy bum and go to the grocery market to buy it haha!

Anyways, hope this post wasn't too rambly or long and if you were thinking about purchasing any of these products, I hope this post was able to help you make your decision in some way ^__^ Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend everyone~!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Natural "No-Makeup" Makeup Look of the Day (FOTD/MOTD)

Hi everyone~! I wanted to make a quick post on my makeup look of the day~! I've been sporting this natural no makeup-makeup look for the past two weeks and it's perfect for the spring weather. And I have also been testing out the Rimmel London Stay Matte foundation to see if it breaks me out or anything and it's perfeccctt! I love how well it covers my redness and acne scarring so I don't look so blah during the day! I then use my Holika Holika brown eyeliner (omgosh this is the bomb, doesn't crease or fade during the day and is completely waterproof) to tightline my lashline and create the ever slightest flick. And then I take the browbone light highlight shade from my Wet & Wild Comfort Zone palette to highlight my inner corners and finish with Dior Show mascara. I applied my Revlon lipbutter in Juicy Papaya for that "my lips but better" color and wah-la~ my no makeup makeup look is complete! I love how effortless this looks (and it really is that easy!) and how little time it takes since I have 7:30 and 8 AM classes now :( Anyways I hope you guys try some new and fresh for the spring and leave it in the comments below! Love you all <3

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Revealing my UniVoxBox from Influenster!

Okay we all know how much I (and a million other people) love Influenster and you can't blame us! I love being able to try out the latest new products even when it's not makeup. I always get these useful things that I would have never thought to try out but I always end up totally loving! This time I was lucky enough to receive the UniVoxBox which contained all these little goodies to prep a girl for college (hence the "Uni" name!). In my box, I found the following lovely items:
  • Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation
  • Playtex® Sport® Fresh Balance™ tampons
  • Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure
  • Pilot Acroball Pure White Pen
  • Red Rose Real Tea Premium Water Enhancers
  • NYC New York Color Expert Last Lip Color (in Fushia Fashion)
So of course I need to share my opinion on all of these products, but in no way was I paid or told to say what I'm going to say cause well.. I'm not that good first of all (haha!) and because that wouldn't be fair to you guys .. making you buy bad products?! I wouldn't want that for myself or for anyone so I promise my review are 100% my opinion and full honesty~!

Let's start with my favorite... (can you guess?) .. the Stay Matte foundation by Rimmel London! Woot woot! I've been loving so many products from Rimmel London like their Kate Moss lipsticks (they smell good and have great pigmentation and are super smooth!), pencil liners (comparable to the Urban Decay 24/7 liners - no kidding!), and their Scandal Eyes mascara (just got it and I'm loving it!). The Rimmel London Stay Flawless foundation was actually the first foundation I ever bought because I remember Michelle Phan saying what great coverage it had. If you go on my Youtube channel and check out my older videos, you'll see me using it! I loved that foundation (although after some time I noticed it did oxidize a bit on me) but this Stay Matte one is even better! It goes on super smooth and is so easy to blend into your skin. It gives medium to full coverage without being too cakey looking and gives me a flawless MATTE (hence the name) finish. Even if you have dry skin, this is okay because of the mousse texture and it's great for oily skin because it dries down to a matte finish. If you have super oily skin though you probably will want to still use a translucent oil absorbing powder, but otherwise, I can get away without powdering! I would highly recommend you guys to try this foundation if you're looking for a great drugstore foundation (and it's not just me who's loving it, I've heard a ton of Youtubers talk about how great this foundation is!).

Moving on, I was excited to see the Pilot Acroball pens because all of my pens seem to just be dying or disappearing on me (oh my diminishing free pen supply Q.Q) and these are wayy better than all of my other ones. The ink comes out really smoothly and I love Pilot pens in general so I couldn't complain really! As for the Playtex Sport Fresh Balence tampons, well.. isn't this a strange topic haha. It's hard to really review a tampon although.. I guess if you've ever seen those 25 cent ones in public restrooms, you'd know that the ones you buy are definitely of higher quality haha. Playtex is my go to brand for buying my sanitary products (is that the correct term?) and these ones don't fail my expectations. They do the job and go in and out fine (okay maybe that's a bit awkward haha) so I'll definitely be buying these once I run out!

As for the Red Rose Real Tea Premium Water Enhancer (what a mouthful... or typful..or letterful? LOL), I'd actually never heard of the brand or really the product itself. I mean I know there are ton of water enhancers out there, but the thing is that I loveee water. I don't really understand it when people say water is too bland or boring because I find water to be refreshing! I mean when I'm thirsty, it's water I'm craving! Not juice or sodas (I actually can't drink soda because I can't handle the gas.. TMI probably but it's true) or milk or what not.. WATER! But I know there are tons of people out there who like their fruity drinks and sodas so I can understand the appeal of water enhancers for us weight-conscious girls and guys out there (sigh oh the struggles of loving food and trying to not be fat Q.Q). I like the flavor this adds to my water and it's nice since it's a tea flavor but since I can just add it to my cold water and I don't have to steep it in hot water like normal tea bags, it's perfect for any hot spring or summer day.

Another product I hadn't really had much experience with was the Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure. These were all the rage for a bunch of nail companies a little while back and the idea of it was super cool but I didn't bother picking any up because I didn't think they would fit my nail right or wouldn't look right. However, my friend had got some for free with a nail polish purchase and tried it out on me and I was pleasantly surprised. I haven't specifically tried the Broadway nail brand press-ons so these were my first pair and they turned out to be super nice! They went on well and easily and fit my nails quite nicely. They also stayed on for some time and didn't fall off so that was quite nice too.I guess the only downside is that you can't "trim" the size down since they're plastic so it might get annoying if you don't like your nails that long!

Lastly, the NYC New York Color Expert Last Lip Color in Fuschia Fashion! All these products have such long names haha my fingers are getting tired! Anyways, this lip color was definitely a bit out there for me. I'm usually a "my lips but better" girl or on my especially daring days I'll go with my red lip butter (I love Candy Apple by Revlon) but fuschia pink .. definitely a new color for me. But I was quite pleased with the way it turned out! It actually didn't look super scary on me and it's definitely perfect for spring and summer! I like pairing this with crop tops and high-waisted shorts or flowy sheer tops because it really just adds to the cool "summer" vibe ^__^ The lip formula is also decent and doesn't settle into my fine lines and the packaging is actually quite nice for NYC!

Okay enough of my rambling and I hope you guys enjoyed this mini review on all the products. Once again I have to thank Influenster for letting me try out these products and share my thoughts with you guys because it gives me something to blog about (haha!) but yea! Have a wonderful day everyone and talk to you soon ~<3

Butter London 3 Free Nail Lacquer Haul + Review and Swatches!

If you didn't already know, Ulta had this special event called  "21 Days of Beauty Madness" where each day (since March 16th all the way till April 5th), they had one or more "Beauty Steal(s) of the Day" with certain products discounted or on sale for a pretty good price. They also had a different in store events every day where they either teach you beauty tips and tricks or share new products! It's pretty cool and the nice thing is, they released all the specials of the day that they'd have on their website so you didn't have to keep checking back or checking your email to find out what items might be on sale that day. Click this link if you want to check out what goodies they had on sale so the next time it come around, you have sort of an idea what to expect! :)
Anyways, why am I mentioning Beauty Madness at Ulta - besides trying to save you some bucks? Because on March 20th, the Beauty Steal of the Day was buy one get one free for Butter London nail polishes. Say whaat?? Yea you heard me. Those polishes that sell for $15 a piece for only $7.50?! Woot woot, count me in! Unfortunately, that week was my finals week for school so I was locked up in my room studying that day and knew I wouldn't be able to go in stores to get the polishes so I decided to purchase them online.. which I wouldn't say was a bad thing because (1) all of the nail polishes were in stock and available and (2) I was "forced" to buy more than just two polishes since I wanted the free shipping which required a purchase over $50 haha. I ended up buying 6 polishes and a toner that cost about $6 which got me just barely over $50 and the free shipping! I'm planning on returning the toner to my local Ulta though since I don't exactly need a new one and I might actually be returning one of the Butter London nail polishes just because I realized I have a color similar to it already (but who knows!).
Below is a photo of how the polishes came in their bundled original bubble wrap packaging. Thought I'd just share this to show how nicely packed the polishes were to avoid breaking during the shipping process. I commend Ulta for their shipping services as I received the tracking ID in a timely manner via email and my package arrived in about 4 business days (it was supposed to take 2-5 business days). My order came in a nicely packed cardboard boxed that was filled with air bags and bubble wrap to keep everything secure and safe :D
The polishes I purchased are Goss, Lucy in the Sky, Sprog, Bit Faker, Rosie Lee, and Kerfuffle. Goss and Lucy in the Sky are from the Boho Collection, Bit Faker is from the Summer Collection, and Kerfuffle is from the Spring Collection. Rosie Lee and Sprog are part of the permanent collection. Sprog is a beautiful pond blue cream shade with no sparkles and is quite opaque (you can get away with one coat but two is always advised). Kerfuffle is also another cream polish that comes in a peachy-coral-pink shade. It's not exactly the type of pink I've been searching for (I'm on a hunt for the perfect pink base shade that I can do nail art and designs on) but it's definitely a really pretty pink with warm undertones. If you want, I can do a shade comparison to other pinks I have to show the difference as many pinks can be too cool or too orange and this is definitely a nice different shade from anything I have. I also am quite pleased with Kerfuffle in it's opacity and non-streaky nature (I only needed one coat of it and it looked fantabulous!). Rosie Lee and Bit Faker are both dense glitter packed polishes and I know they're going to be a pain in the butt to get off, but they're soo gorgeous. Rosie Lee has pink glitter specks while Bit Faker has a mix of gold and bronze glitter specks giving it a really nice multidimensional look. Because they're both intense glitter polishes, they dry with a textured rough finish because of all the glitters but that's not a problem for me (especially since I always top with my Seche Vite top coat). Goss is one of the most unique polishes I've ever tried since it's a foil or metal finish meaning it's SUPER glossy and shiny and makes it look like you have metal on your nails! It's absolutely stunning and actually might be my favorite polish from this haul because of it's unique look. It reminds me of my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish in Silver Sweep (click here for a swatch of it) which also has a metallic/foil finish but Goss is a rose gold color which makes it extra special. The only downside to Goss is that it is a bit less forgiving to any bumps or lines on your nails as they WILL show up through the polish and I would advise 2-3 coats to get an even finish (in addition to a base coat and buffed&smoothed nails). When I was deciding if I should purchase Goss or not, I was reading reviews and quite a few people had mentioned the streakiness and how you could see "brush strokes" when using Goss. I agree that it is a bit more difficult to use than other normal polishes, but nothing that can't be fixed with multiple coats of polish! And last but not least, Lucy in the Sky! It is a beautiful glitter top coat with gold and silver glitter particles. These glitters are different from the ones in Rosie Lee and Bit Faker because they're just a tad bit larger and there are less of them which makes it better as a top coat than to be worn by itself. Because it has less glitters and the glitter particles are slightly larger, Lucy in the Sky has less of a rough finish.
From left to right: Sprog, Rosie Lee, Kerfuffle, Goss, Bit Faker, and Lucy in the Sky
I paired Rosie Lee by itself (two coats) on my left thumb and found it to be quite a glitter packed polish. While it can look nice over another solid polish, it definitely can be worn by itself since the glitter flecks are so densely packed. On my right thumb, I did one coat of Kerfuffle and topped it with two coats of Lucy in the Sky. I'm not sure how much I like the pairing but I do like both nail polishes separately! Lucy in the Sky is really pretty and layering one coat vs. two coats can create very different effects.
Picture taken indoors with flash.

Photo taken indoors without flash. From thumb to pinky (left to right): Rosie Lee (two coats without redipping brush into bottle), Kerfuffle (one coat!), Lucy in the Sky (one coat all over the nail) and Bit Faker at the bottom half of the nail (one coat), Goss (two coats), and Lucy in the Sky (two coats all over the nail) with Bit Faker at the tips.
Index finger to pinky (top to bottom): Goss (one coat so you can see some brush lines), Bit Faker (two coats but without redipping brush into bottle), Rosie Lee (one coat) over Kerfuffle (one coat), and Lucy in the Sky (two coats with redipping back into polish bottle)
Overall I'm extremely satisfied with all the nail polishes so far. They all apply super smoothly and evenly and look amazing! I'll post an update later on how long they last before chipping so I won't apply a top coat. I'll also post pictures of Sprog once I get to testing it out but I hope this post was helpful to any of you guys thinking about purchasing one of these Butter London shades! They're all quite unique in my opinion and I'm glad I purchased them when they were on sale :)