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Battle of the Eyeliners: Black Pencil Liner Edition

Okay the title is a bit cheeky but hey, what other way to call this showdown of all the top-rated black pencil eyeliners you've ever wondered about. I'll admit, I'm a bit of a pencil liner junkie (it was the first type of makeup product I ever really used) and have WAY too many to know what to do with. But alas, I have a found a solution for my eyeliner obsession .. to share my knowledge and years of experience (if that's what you call wearing them and figuring out the hard way which ones smear and smudge) with all the girls and boys out in the world. Today I'll be sharing my thoughts on the black eyeliners from high-end brands like Urban Decay, Make Up For Ever (MUFE), Stila, Dior, Sephora, to drugstore brands such as Milani, ELF, Rimmel London, and more. SO LET'S JUST HOP RIGHT IN :)

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero ($19): One of the most popular pencil liners out there, the Urban Decay 24/7 pencil liners are well-known for their smooth application, bright pigmentation (when it comes to the colored ones), and waterproof & smudge-proof abilities. The first pencil liners I owned were the UD 24/7 glide-on pencils in Zero and Bourbon (they came in a twin pack and were on sale :D) and I instantly fell in love with them. However, this post is about black pencil liners so we'll focus on Zero (for now!). Some of the things I enjoy about Zero is that it gives me a nice black line without being SO dark that it looks too harsh, doesn't pull on my eyelids when I'm drawing a wing/line, and is waterproof and rarely smudges. Note how I used the word rarely smudges - this is because I have noticed on a few (very few, but still some!) occasions that the liner has faded a little bit and left smudge or smear marks. These occasions are usually when I am wearing my makeup for a long time and/or it is a really hot day or I'm sweating a lot. Another thing I like about Zero is that it isn't SO creamy that it just "smushes" when I'm applying my makeup (something that occurs with the Milani Liquid Eye Pencil - see below) - this is something I think adds to the lasting ability of this liner which is quite long. I can't say it lasts 24/7 since I have seen some fading throughout the day if used WITHOUT a primer, but I am actually okay with that since it makes makeup removal easier at the end of the day. I also generally don't mind the fading on my lower lashline too much either since it's never been so much that it gives me "raccoon eyes" and actually gives me more of a natural or smoked out gradient look that isn't bad! I can definitely testify to the claims that this liner is waterproof because I have worn it to swim practice (meaning 2 hours of being in the pool) and it has lasted albeit some smudges usually due to me forgetting I had makeup on and completely rubbing my eyes -__-. Overall, yes I would recommend this liner, though it is a bit on the pricey side (look out for sales or sets that offer more colors for an overall cheaper price!), it is great for any occasion and can last through any event or day if used with a primer. I would recommend people with oily eyelids to give this a shot as I have used it on my friends with oily lids and they have seen little to no smudging!
As a side note, I would like to mention that I do know there is another color called Perversion that many enjoy and say has a darker pigmentation and more creamy texture than Zero, but I have yet to try it and can't give my own personal opinion on it. If you're not sure which one to get, you should try them out in store (ie. Sephora) and see which one you prefer. I think I would still choose Zero over Perversion though due to personal preference of what I like in my black eyeliners.
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Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Matte Black 0L ($19):The MUFE Aqua Eyes pencil liner has been around for a while and my sister was the one who actually first bought it and I just ended up taking hers because I liked it so much :) The best way to describe this pencil liner is probably to compare it to other liners as it usually is matched up against the Urban Decay one. The texture of this liner is definitely not as creamy/soft as Zero and requires a bit more pressure if you want it to be the same darkness as Zero; however it still doesn't tug on my eyelids during application and is more waterproof and smudge-proof in my opinion than Zero. I think this liner lasts a bit longer than Zero, but it's not such a big difference that I would choose this over Zero especially since I generally use Zero because I like the texture of Zero a bit more. If you're looking for a liner that you can wear for sports or water events and not have to worry about smearing, I would definitely choose MUFE (though I would probably choose their gel or liquid liners over the pencil liner if you're looking for a clean cut line that will NOT budge), but it does work for everyday school or work wear too. It is also really good for people with oily lids or monolids - I've used it on my friends for their prom/dances and they don't notice any smudging.
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Stila Kajal Eye Liner in Onyx ($18): The most popular Stila eyeliner shade is probably the nude one that many beauty gurus use on their waterliner, but I managed to snag this black liner at Costco (!!) in a set that came with their mascara and two eye shadows for about $10-$15 (I can't remember exactly, sorry! But I know it was a great deal and pretty cheap!). The Stila pencil is definitely more creamy and soft than both UD or MUFE 's liners with a texture that is similar to the Milani Liquid Eye liner, but with the softness factor comes more smudging. I probably wouldn't recommend this liner for those with oilier eyelids since it probably will smear or fade since it does smudge more often on me that my other liners and I don't have that oily eyelids. The good thing about this liner being soft is that it glides right on your waterline really well - for my MUFE liner, I usually have to go over my waterline 2-3 times to get a dark line - and has realllyy good pigmentation. The black color is super dark and one line is enough color for me! However, I think the one thing I can't get over about this liner is the soft texture. It's so soft that one use already dulls the point incredibly which means you get through this liner really quickly. Also since it's so soft, it can easily "smush" (something I have experienced when my friends were playing around with it Q.Q) and it's sort of hard to create a nice pointed wing since the point is rarely sharp/thin enough. BUT, don't let this get you too down - the creamy texture of this liner allows it to act as a base for eyeshadows if you're going for a darker look. You can also smudge this liner out (it takes a while to set and even once it's set, it's not completelyy set) with a brush to create a really nice blended gradient smokey eye. Just make sure you use a primer underneath this liner if you want to avoid the worst of smudges (though I would be prepared for transfer of the product onto your bottom lashline if you line your upper waterline - aka tightlining - with it). If you can't get this product at cheaper price, I would opt out and just go for the UD or MUFE liners.

Dior Waterproof Crayon Eyeliner in Trinidad Black 094 ($29):Dior is definitely a brand that I would describe as high-end and expensive. At $29, you would expect their pencil liner to be freaking amazing, but no, it's just average. I wouldn't recommend anyone to spend their money on this liner unless they're trying to collect all Dior makeup products or something. This liner isn't terrible but it isn't anything above average. I don't find it to be waterproof and have seen smudges all the times I've used it which I suppose might be an innate trait of the liner since it comes with a smudger brush on the end of the liner. The pigmentation of this liner is in between the MUFE liner and Zero - meaning it isn't incredibly dark - but has texture that's more on the softer creamy side (though not as much as Stila's or Milani's). All I can say is don't waste your money and go for something that is actually waterproof, smudgeproof, has better pigmentation and lasting power, or is at least cheaper!!

Sephora Collection Flashy Liner Waterproof Eyeliner in Deep Black ($7.47 on Amazon, no longer sold at Sephora): I acquired this liner recently (meaning in the last 6 months) and have loved it since. I bought this from a girl at my school and it came with a black, brown, grey, bright turquoise green that I LOVE, and some other colors. When I tried to look up the price for this though, I couldn't exactly find it on the Sephora website (strange because it's a Sephora brand liner haha), or more like it said it was sold out/not sold anymore. However, I did find it on Amazon and Ebay being sold in packs with other colors or by itself so you can look there if you feel so intrigued to purchase it. I like this liner because it's a good soft and creamy texture (not too soft and not too firm either), goes on smoothly when applied, lasts for pretty long time (well the longest I've worn it for was probably a 10 hour period, but I didn't seem any/much fading and this was without a primer), and has good pigmentation (not the darkest or the lightest black liner I've used but an in between which is what I like). I can't say if this is waterproof but I feel like it wouldn't exactly smear on your lids if you were in the water and didn't touch your eyes (haha), but I know it's put up through some of the hot days I've been through where I've sweated a bunch so it gets a thumbs-up for the sweat-proof factor :)
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Milani Liquif'eye Liquid Eye Liner Pencil in 01 Black ($6.99):The Milani Liquif'eye pencil liner got a lot of hype in the past year (or was it more than a year.. haha I'm bad at keeping track of time) because everyone was raving about the creaminess, smoothness, and pigmentation of the liner. A lot of people were comparing it to the Urban Decay liners because of its texture and with it being less than the half price, who could complain? I'll admit, I fell for the hype and went and bought it early on, and it's great and all, but I still prefer my UD and MUFE liners. This liner definitely is one of the softer pencil liners, similar to the Stila pencil liner as I mentioned before though not AS creamy, and is great for lining your upper and lower waterline with great dark pigmentation. However, like I said, I'm one who prefers my pencil liners not so soft that they feel sticky or "smush" easily which is sometimes a problem with this liner. It does set well though, better than the Stila liner, and can last a good amount of the day, but it has smeared or transferred on a few of my friends with monolids and more oily lids. I generally don't reach for this liner as often because of this and only use it on the occasions where I'm wearing a smokey eye so that any transfer or smudging won't be too obvious. I have seen smudging and smearing with this liner when I sweat, but I can't say about it's waterproof abilities. I usually only use this for tightlining rather than normal lining my eyes because of it's softness but I know many other beauty gurus enjoy this liner, and at only $6.99, it's definitely a good alternative (but not substitute in my opinion due to the difference in texture, lasting power, and smudge/smear factor) for the UD and MUFE liners.
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E.L.F. Essential Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in Black Bandit ($1): ELF is well known for its cheap and decent quality makeup products, and at only $1, this eyeliner pencil is no exception. The saying "You get what you pay for" certainly applies here because while this liner does work and do the job, it's not the best. It's has a firmer&harder, less creamy/soft texture making it a bit rough on the eyelids at times and you definitely have to be careful at the beginning when the point is sharpest because it HURTS when if you poke your eye with it (trust me, I've done it to myself!). I would advise you to dull the pencil out a bit when you first purchase it by swiping it a few times on the back of your hand. This will also help give you a feel of the texture and firmness of the liner. Once the liner dulls down a bit, it's better for at lining and works well for its price. It's not the darkest pigmentation and can require more than one stroke if you want a line like the UD or MUFE liners give. It also contains some glitter particles (hence the name "Shimmer Eyeliner") so I only use it when I want the shimmer (though it's not crazy noticeable). I find it easiest to use this pencil liner by holding it slanted (almost parallel to my face) rather than having it perpendicular to my face. Using the side of the pencil helps to apply more of the product in one stroke and avoids the problem of tugging or dragging your lids when using this liner due to it's more firm nature. If you do it this way, you don't have to dull out the pencil as much since you won't actually use the point/tip of the liner. It's also great that the pencil comes with a sharpener in the lid but I don't ever use it since it's not the best/I prefer to use my Sephora one that cost about $3 :) The lasting power of the liner is decent though I have seen fading throughout the day and since it's the least creamy of liners I've used, it smudges less. I don't think this liner is very waterproof, but can hold up against a little sweat. It smears/fades a little when I use it on my upper lashline since I get most oily there but overall, if you're looking for a decent liner, go for this one! It's only a dollar - can't hurt to give it a shot!
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Skin 79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm Review

If you've seen any of my videos, I am either wearing this, using this, or talking about this product. Know what it is?! (Well I would hope so since it does say right there in the title haha!) ...Okay I'll pretend someone responded to me, YES YOU GOT IT. The Skin 79 Hot Pink Super Plus Triple Function Beblesh Balm cream! Wow that was a mouthful and I just realized it's called "Beblesh Balm" (yes that's what it says on the North American Skin79 website!) not "Blemish Balm" ... Is Beblesh even a word... *feeling confused* Wow I've had this product for 4 years now and I've never noticed that.. this is kind of sad. Oh well, hey I guess it just goes to show you learn something new everyday! And back to the matter that most of you guys came for - the review!

From the website: 
TOTAL SOLUTION BB CREAM WITH 10-IN-1 EFFECTS. Moisture based triple function BB cream takes care of the base as well as colour makeup and allows the skin to look bright and natural without greasiness or feeling tight.

Click here to see the full page of specifics and details on the product :D
This BB cream was the first BB cream I ever bought and tried and let me tell you something, I did my research before I chose this one which is why I got it right on the first time. I read up on practically every big name [Asian because American brands hadn't started getting into the whole BB cream craze yet] BB cream there was before I decided which one I wanted. Once again, I can not stress the importance of reading or watching reviews from other girls because they will seriously save you money and time.

I don't want to go into too much detail on what BB creams actually are, because I'm almost positive that everyone already knows, but for the few of you living in a shell (jkjk ;P), BB creams are basically tinted moisturizers but with a bit more foundation like coverage and a lot more beneficial properties for your skin! Many BB creams contain lightening components to fade dark spots or acne scars, help to even out uneven skin tones, claim to fight wrinkles, and much more. All BB creams contain some amount of SPF (or at least I haven't come across one that hasn't had SPF!) and most Asian BB creams contain few shades that range only in the lighter skin tone ranges (sorry my tanned or darker-toned girls! D: ). Even American BB creams have few shades, though more than Asian BB creams, but I still prefer my original Asian BB creams over American ones because American BB creams tend to have less coverage and are more of a tinted moisturizer.

The Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream is definitely my favorite BB cream that I've tried - and trust me, I've tried a lot of them! - because of its matte finish, medium coverage, and natural look and feel. BB creams range from dewy to matte finishes, but I definitely prefer the matte look because dewy can sometimes come off as oily. This BB cream doesn't have SO much of a matte finish that it comes off as dry looking or unnatural which is certainly a plus. I started off using this BB cream when I was in high school on the days where my skin was looking a bit blotchy or uneven and this product was perfect for such occasions. It's great at smoothing over redness, covering small active acne spots, and concealing old acne scars or dark spots without being SO full coverage that its obvious you're wearing face makeup. Of course, as it isn't full coverage, there will still be some spots that will show through, but that adds to the natural look since, hey, no one has perfect skin! I used this BB cream a lot when I was breaking out at the beginning of last school year (Fall 2012) and it helped out a lot. While I can't 100% support the claims of it whitening your skin, fighting wrinkles, and fading dark spots/acne scars, I can say I do feel like I see lightening of my acne scars/hyper-pigmentation when using this product. Furthermore, this product has NEVER caused any breakouts on my skin - unlike the Missha BB cream (maybe I'll write a review on that in the future). The packaging of this BB cream is also a nice bright pink, simple round plastic container, and convenient for travel. It is 40g, which is about 1.35 fluid ounces (more than the typical foundation amount of 1 fl. oz), and comes with a pump that doesn't dispense too much product in one squeeze. I have taken this BB cream with me when traveling/flying and it hasn't exploded on me yet, so fingers crossed!

The downsides about the Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream is first, and foremost, the gray cast that can appear when too much is applied. Most, if not all, Asian BB creams have this downside of a gray-ish color that can look a bit strange at first. From what I've read, this is due to the ingredients like SPF and others that are meant to improve your skin. To avoid this, I only use one thing layer of the BB cream and then go over the areas that need a bit more coverage with gentle dabbing motions with only a little bit of the product. You can also get rid of the gray cast by going over with another light-weight foundation, setting with a powder that has some coverage, or mixing in a regular foundation with the BB cream. Mixing or layering another foundation on top of BB creams are great ways to still get the beneficial properties of the BB cream without the gray cast or for use if the BB cream doesn't come in a shade that suits you. Specifically about the Skin79 BB cream, it only comes in the shade Beige which usually matches my Mac NC30-35 skin tone throughout the year. It can appear a bit light at first (as with most other BB creams) but then it will set and darken a bit to match your skin tone. Another downside to this product is that you don't ever really know how much product you have left because of the opaque pink plastic container. You also can't "scrape out" the last bits of BB cream that might be left in the container which means there could be a lot of product wasted and left on the sides of the container. 

As for pricing, you can get most Asian BB creams off of Ebay for much cheaper than the actual branded sites. For my Skin79 BB cream (and practically all my other Asian BB creams), I got them off of Ebay or when I went to Hong Kong/Japan for vacation. If you have any friends who might be going to Asia on vacation, try and see if they can pick up some BB creams for you because they are definitely much cheaper in Asia than America or Ebay (where you usually have to pay shipping). You can still get Asian BB creams from Asian super markets but they are generally way overpriced there so if going to Asia/getting a friend in Asia isn't an option, definitely check out Ebay or other Asian product selling websites (though I would still be wary of some sites as they generally rack up the prices too!). On the North American Skin79 site, the Hot Pink Super Plus BB cream retails for $30 (which I would consider on the pricier side), but I got mine off of Ebay for about $12 if I remember correctly. I also went to Hong Kong last year and picked up another bottle for about $10 too.

All in all, my final comments would be...

  1. Yes I fully support any of you who might be interested in purchasing this BB cream. I really do think it works well for those who need a decent amount of coverage, but are still okay with some imperfections peaking through. While it does stink that there is only 1 shade, it does match a good range of skin tones/colors and can be layered over or mixed with to reach a more appropriate shade. 
  2. It is great for travel, on-the-go, younger girls who don't need so much coverage, everyday looks and can be applied in a rush with just your finger tips if a brush isn't available (or you're too lazy :P).
  3. If you are interested in this, or any other Asian BB cream, make sure you look online to buy it as it can be hard to find them for a reasonable price in America and you never know, there's always some good deals online!

Hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful and I hope to be writing another post soon! Leave a comment if YOU'VE tried this BB cream and your thoughts or what other BB creams you're also interested in! And don't forget to check out my Youtube or Instagram if you want to get an awesome big virtual hug from me :)

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Maybelline SuperStay 24HR Makeup Foundation Review

Maybelline SuperStay™ 24HR Makeup Foundation in Nude
Here's my review on the SuperStay™ 24HR Makeup Foundation By Maybelline! I know this foundation has been around for a while, but it never hurts to add another review to the web, right? :P Plus, I'm sure there are many of you late budders like myself who aren't looking for the newest products but rather one that just works well for its purpose. For beginners (myself included!), the three things you want to look for in a foundation are shade match, coverage&wear, and probably most importantly, how your skin reacts to it.

First off, let's take a look at what this foundation claims to do (taken from the website)
  • Stays comfortable and looks naturally flawless all day
  • Micro-Flex formula provides 24-hour wear and no transfer
  • Withstands heat, sweat and humidity
  • Oil-free, dermatologist-tested, fragrance-free
  • Suitable for all skin types
This foundation comes in 12 different shades that have a variety of undertones ranging from pink, neutral, yellow, and whatever other colors there are. I own the shade Nude Light 50 and find that it matches me quite well though sometimes I feel like it oxidizes a little bit and turns a bit more oranger/darker than when first applied. Nude Light 50 has more yellow tones which I suppose fits me since I am Asian and most Asians usually have yellow or nude undertones while Americans have pink or nude undertones (bear in mind that's just in general though and if you use a fake tanner, those usually give more of a yellow or nude undertone). I've read that if you're an NC 30-35, Classic Beige Medium 60 can also match your skin tone so I'm considering buying that shade and testing it out. But for now, I will say that the shade Nude Light 50 does match my skin tone enough so that it isn't a problem and doesn't make my face look a whole different shade than the rest of my body in pictures or in real life. If you want to see all the shades, click here. And if you're still not sure what shade will match you best after looking online and in-store, go check out reviews and see what shades match different girls' skin tones and try and find the one that'll fit you best! Buying drugstore makeup is always a bit of a gamble since you can't try out the products as you might with more high-end ones, but there are so many great foundations out there that are like 10% of the price of some other ones that it's worth the risk.

Now onto coverage.. I would say the coverage is medium and can be built to full coverage if desired. Personally, I would stick with the medium coverage, but even when you layer the foundation for more coverage, it doesn't get cakey! As the site claims, it does look naturally flawless, but "all day" is debatable. It claims to be 24-hour wear - which I don't know why you would WANT to keep your makeup on for 24 hours anyways - and while I haven't ever worn this foundation for that long, I haven't actually seen any lapse in coverage throughout the lengths of times I've had it on. The longest I've worn this foundation for was about 15 hours and it lasted the entire time (no primer or setting spray!) - that's saying something. Of course you have to keep in mind that my skin type is more on the normal side with only some oiliness in the T-zone occasionally, and I WOULD recommend using a primer and setting spray if you really want/need your makeup to last as long as possible (and for extra insurance, you can never be too safe!). The finish of this foundation is more on the matte side rather than dewy and I haven't noticed any transferring problems when I wear this foundation. Plus, I wore this foundation to the One Direction concert and many other events where I was out in the sun and sweating, and it has lasted throughout all of them flawlessly! I didn't have to touch up at all! (Though I did occasionally press my hands into my face during the concert since I was worried it might start cracking - YES that has happened to me before with another foundation! - but I don't think it was necessary to be honest).
Ready for my one direction concert~!
The most important aspect about any foundation is how your skin will react to it. No matter how good a foundation covers up your flaws and imperfections, if it breaks you out, it is no good! You should always try out a foundation in store if possible - which obviously isn't when you're buying drugstore foundations which stinks big time but just keep this in mind if you ever decide to get a foundation from Sephora or any other beauty store where you CAN test out the products. Sephora is also really cool about giving out samples of the products so you can ask for a sample of a foundation you're interested in and they'll give you a tiny container of it and you can use the foundation for like a week and see how your skin reacts to it. If you want to be really sneaky, you can also just ask for a sample of a foundation that you've already test/know works well with your skin and doesn't break you out for your big event if you don't want to purchase the full size product because hey, I feel ya - makeup ain't cheap! I'll admit, I did that lil trick for my prom ;P But don't worry, I did go and buy the full size foundation afterwards because I loved it so much aha :) Anyways, back on topic, since you can't try out drugstore foundations, the best way to see if it might break you out is to read reviews (like this one!). Now I can tell you this foundation does NOT break me out and is fragrance free (for any of you anti-fragrance folks out there - have no fear!) so yes I would definitely recommend it to all my lovely lil readers. But of course you should read more than one review on any product, especially foundations. Everyone has different skin types and hormones and what not and if you have sensitive skin or acne prone skin, you definitely have to be careful.

Reading reviews from other beauty girls is so helpful so utilize them! One of the best sites to read up on reviews is Makeupalley. There are so many reviews on the site for basically every single product out there so you're bound to find reviews on a foundation you're interested in that will tell you whether or not lots of people have experienced break outs due to the foundation, what shade matched them best, and much more helpful information. Overall, as I mentioned before, I would most certainly recommend this foundation to anyone looking for a medium-full coverage foundation that will last for any event and isn't going to make your wallet cry. This foundation comes in a variety of shades that should match a majority of girls, provides a good amount of coverage and does the job of lasting throughout the day, and I haven't heard of any cases of it causing break outs so it definitely gets an A on my book list! Of course, when you're more serious about foundations, there are a lot more things you can be picky about when choosing a foundation such as packaging, scent, and feel on the skin, but for a basic beginner makeup girl, this foundation does the trick. The only negatives I have about this product are that (1) the packaging is a standard drugstore glass bottle packaging that DOESN'T come with a pump which can get pretty messy when you're pouring out the foundation and (2) I have noticed slight oxidation on some occasions though not enough to be a significant problem.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this review and leave a comment if you've tried this foundation and have anything to add or maybe counter! I know not everyone will have the same opinion, but that's what the makeup community is for! SO SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS AND SEND SOME LOVE MY WAY :)

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Back to School: Neutral Smokey Eye

I actually don't start school until the last week of September but I know most people start mid-late August so I thought it'd be best to upload a school appropriate look! It's definitely not what I would wear everyday to school but for the first day of school, why not? ;P

I would wear this sort of eye look for a normal day or even a casual outing though because of it's neutral and natural look. Hope you enjoy! I want to start posting more videos/blog posts but who knows how well that'll work out once school starts. :D

Have a wonderful day ~

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Get Ready with Me ~ One Direction Concert 2013

Hey everyone! So of course I would fall for the cute British&Irish boy band, One Direction, but who can blame me? The accent, the looks, the TALENT, and of course, their lovable carefree personalities? Come on.. who WOULDN'T love them? Oh wait, all the rest of mankind who's trying to score a girl. But that doesn't include me so let me continue my never-will-come-true dreams of meeting them and getting Niall to fall for me. HAHA.  
Me and my amazing Niall head ♥ LOL was waving this thing all night
Anyways, onto the more serious, or well "real" business of this post. I uploaded an all-inclusive video of me getting ready for their Take Me Home 2013 concert (yes I felt the need to include the whole title of their concert/tour name haha) which means hair, makeup, AND outfit. BAM. The works. But yeah, I've got it on my channel so do check it out here!

Anyways, as you can see, I took quite the time doing my makeup cause hey, I had to be prepared for any possible event that I might get a close-up with any of the boys ;) Of course that didn't happen but YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO PREPARED ALRIGHT?! Now, the concert was pretty darn amazing. I got VIP tickets (not the ultimate VIP ones though.. BUT I WISH I HAD BECAUSE THEY INCLUDED A MEET AND GREET) so I got into the sound check and my seat was row 10..BUT I got to sit in row 8 because some girl switched seats with me to sit with her friend (who was the seat next to mine)! I'm not sure if I should recap my whole experience.. I definitely could but how many of you guys would be interested in every single moment of my experience haha. Basically I arrived at the arena around 3:30pm which I thought was crazy early but I was supposed to meet my "VIP host" at that time and they said the soundcheck started around that time so you HAD to come early which was such like bleh but all for the boys right? LOL. Yea they kind of lied though because once we got into the actual arena (after waiting in line to get in and getting my poster taken away - which said "WE ♥ 1D ERECTION" LOL my friend made it, don't blame me - and my glowsticks and food all rejected and forced to be taken away by my mom =__=) we had to wait in line for another like half hour and then we probably waited like more than an hour in the actual stage area. Did that entire run on sentence even make sense.. -__- Not going to bother with grammar so excuse the terrible English in this post haha. The cool thing was that Liam's mom actually came out to like.. I'm not sure, but we were just sitting around waiting for the sound check to start and suddenly I hear everyone screaming and I'm up on my seat looking around to see if I can catch a glimpse of the boys and someone says IT'S LIAM'S MOM and I WAS SO MAD CAUSE SHE WAS ALL THE WAY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF WHERE I WAS AND PEOPLE WERE GETTING PICS WITH HERR!! Sigh. Sad life. Also Paul, their bodyguard, came out and everyone went screaming too... But yea AFTER ALL THAT WAITING, Liam FINALLY stepped out and literally EEEEEEEEEEEEEE. My ears died. But then again, I was part of that screaming crowd of girls LOL. And the rest of the boys came out and we were all going crazy and the entire sound check probably lasted 15 minutes tops? So basically a 3+ hour wait for 15 minutes of time alone with the boys + the other 200girls&some boys but nevermind that, it was worth it. They also answered some questions after the first soundcheck song and Liam mentioned that his favorite song at the moment was Blurred Lines. Yep that's my favorite song too.. as of the moment he mentioned it haha. After the sound check, we got these bags that came with a poster and t-shirt and then we chilled until around 6:45 and went back into the arena and waited until 7 when the ads came on. You have NO idea how loud people screamed when the words 'One Direction' appeared on the screens but boy.. it only got louder as more and more people filed in. Needless to say, my ears were ringing for 3 days after the concert - and that is not an exaggeration and I was seriously worried I might have damaged my ear drums >__< The ads continued (and included the incredibly freaking cute commercial for their new fragrance perfume called Our Moment) until a little past 7:30 and then 5 Seconds of Summer came out and performed until 8:00? And then setting up the stage for the boys took about another 15 minutes and a little video they made introducing them all came up and then BOOM THEY WERE THERE AND IT WAS CRAZY AND AMAZING AND WONDERFUL AND CRAZY AND I ALREADY SAID THAT LOL. Yea I'm definitely drawing this post out and going into WAY more detail but hey, maybe some other crazy obsessed fan girl will enjoy this recap ^__^ I'm thinking of uploading some of the videos I took of the concert.. though the quality is questionable and I'm a little bummed that I didn't bring my camera (they said no cameras were allowed into the soundcheck so I assumed no cameras at all T____T) but hey hey smartphones have got decent camera quality and a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to capture moments like these haha. Oh did I mention that some girl supposedly broke her leg trying to climb up the wall to see the boys behind the arena and another girl fainted after meeting them? Oh the joys of a One Direction concert <3 Not to mention that Harry was throwing all the towels they use to wipe their faces out into the crowd and Harry and Liam gave away their jerseys at the end. So jealous of whoever got them!

Blurry photo of Harry...I's him!
 Anyways, I'll stop here and end this incredibly long post and hope that someone will read it and find it interesting haha. Please do stop by my channel and say hello if you will feel so inclined to!
Bye for now ~ ♥