Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Get Ready with Me ~ One Direction Concert 2013

Hey everyone! So of course I would fall for the cute British&Irish boy band, One Direction, but who can blame me? The accent, the looks, the TALENT, and of course, their lovable carefree personalities? Come on.. who WOULDN'T love them? Oh wait, all the rest of mankind who's trying to score a girl. But that doesn't include me so let me continue my never-will-come-true dreams of meeting them and getting Niall to fall for me. HAHA.  
Me and my amazing Niall head ♥ LOL was waving this thing all night
Anyways, onto the more serious, or well "real" business of this post. I uploaded an all-inclusive video of me getting ready for their Take Me Home 2013 concert (yes I felt the need to include the whole title of their concert/tour name haha) which means hair, makeup, AND outfit. BAM. The works. But yeah, I've got it on my channel so do check it out here!

Anyways, as you can see, I took quite the time doing my makeup cause hey, I had to be prepared for any possible event that I might get a close-up with any of the boys ;) Of course that didn't happen but YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO PREPARED ALRIGHT?! Now, the concert was pretty darn amazing. I got VIP tickets (not the ultimate VIP ones though.. BUT I WISH I HAD BECAUSE THEY INCLUDED A MEET AND GREET) so I got into the sound check and my seat was row 10..BUT I got to sit in row 8 because some girl switched seats with me to sit with her friend (who was the seat next to mine)! I'm not sure if I should recap my whole experience.. I definitely could but how many of you guys would be interested in every single moment of my experience haha. Basically I arrived at the arena around 3:30pm which I thought was crazy early but I was supposed to meet my "VIP host" at that time and they said the soundcheck started around that time so you HAD to come early which was such like bleh but all for the boys right? LOL. Yea they kind of lied though because once we got into the actual arena (after waiting in line to get in and getting my poster taken away - which said "WE ♥ 1D ERECTION" LOL my friend made it, don't blame me - and my glowsticks and food all rejected and forced to be taken away by my mom =__=) we had to wait in line for another like half hour and then we probably waited like more than an hour in the actual stage area. Did that entire run on sentence even make sense.. -__- Not going to bother with grammar so excuse the terrible English in this post haha. The cool thing was that Liam's mom actually came out to like.. I'm not sure, but we were just sitting around waiting for the sound check to start and suddenly I hear everyone screaming and I'm up on my seat looking around to see if I can catch a glimpse of the boys and someone says IT'S LIAM'S MOM and I WAS SO MAD CAUSE SHE WAS ALL THE WAY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF WHERE I WAS AND PEOPLE WERE GETTING PICS WITH HERR!! Sigh. Sad life. Also Paul, their bodyguard, came out and everyone went screaming too... But yea AFTER ALL THAT WAITING, Liam FINALLY stepped out and literally EEEEEEEEEEEEEE. My ears died. But then again, I was part of that screaming crowd of girls LOL. And the rest of the boys came out and we were all going crazy and the entire sound check probably lasted 15 minutes tops? So basically a 3+ hour wait for 15 minutes of time alone with the boys + the other 200girls&some boys but nevermind that, it was worth it. They also answered some questions after the first soundcheck song and Liam mentioned that his favorite song at the moment was Blurred Lines. Yep that's my favorite song too.. as of the moment he mentioned it haha. After the sound check, we got these bags that came with a poster and t-shirt and then we chilled until around 6:45 and went back into the arena and waited until 7 when the ads came on. You have NO idea how loud people screamed when the words 'One Direction' appeared on the screens but boy.. it only got louder as more and more people filed in. Needless to say, my ears were ringing for 3 days after the concert - and that is not an exaggeration and I was seriously worried I might have damaged my ear drums >__< The ads continued (and included the incredibly freaking cute commercial for their new fragrance perfume called Our Moment) until a little past 7:30 and then 5 Seconds of Summer came out and performed until 8:00? And then setting up the stage for the boys took about another 15 minutes and a little video they made introducing them all came up and then BOOM THEY WERE THERE AND IT WAS CRAZY AND AMAZING AND WONDERFUL AND CRAZY AND I ALREADY SAID THAT LOL. Yea I'm definitely drawing this post out and going into WAY more detail but hey, maybe some other crazy obsessed fan girl will enjoy this recap ^__^ I'm thinking of uploading some of the videos I took of the concert.. though the quality is questionable and I'm a little bummed that I didn't bring my camera (they said no cameras were allowed into the soundcheck so I assumed no cameras at all T____T) but hey hey smartphones have got decent camera quality and a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to capture moments like these haha. Oh did I mention that some girl supposedly broke her leg trying to climb up the wall to see the boys behind the arena and another girl fainted after meeting them? Oh the joys of a One Direction concert <3 Not to mention that Harry was throwing all the towels they use to wipe their faces out into the crowd and Harry and Liam gave away their jerseys at the end. So jealous of whoever got them!

Blurry photo of Harry...I's him!
 Anyways, I'll stop here and end this incredibly long post and hope that someone will read it and find it interesting haha. Please do stop by my channel and say hello if you will feel so inclined to!
Bye for now ~ ♥

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