Sunday, November 2, 2014

Autumnal Inspired Nails

Ah finally the leaves are beginning to turn that beautiful red-orange-brown and the weather is cooling down into the perfect leggings+boots+scarves weather. YES it is the signs of Autumn and I couldn't be more excited :)
Some random picture of Fall scenery that I found online. Doesn't it make you just so happy? :)
Today I wanted to share a simple nail look created with a mix of those more earthy-toned cream shades. I chose all cream colors and it actually looked fine without the gold accented sticker designs (actually better in my opinion but I can't really take off the stickers now sigh..). I was inspired by a nail look I saw online featuring simple colors so I chose out whatever autumn shades I had in my collection and came up with this!

 I kind of hate how you can see the fine details with such an enlarged photo haha especially since you can see all the beauty of my dry cuticles and the lines of the stickers and the bumps in the nail polish (sigh) BUT BESIDES THAT, I love the look! I was a bit impatient on putting the stickers on so I definitely messed up my nails but the overall effect is just so fall-esque and I totally loving it. 

I used the following nail polishes to get this look:
-White: Orly Nail Polish White Tips #42001
-Orange: Korean brand that I can't seem to find the name for so I'll show a picture of a similar shade
-Maroon: Zoya Natural Nail Polish Coco
-Dark Grey (that looks blue tinted but really isn't): Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish Lacquer Impeccable Greys 410
-Nude: 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Nail Lacquer #BE02

I realized I really need more warm-toned/fall nail shades like an olive green or a dark brown so let me know in the comments if you know any nice nail polishes that you think I'd like and I might pick them up and use them in another nail look!

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