Monday, December 1, 2014

Tech Tips with Tammy: Having all words in Google Chrome in italics?

I don't know when this started, but when I came back home from college one break, I noticed Google Chrome on the desktop computer had everything in italics. Or well to be specific, it wasn't everything but it was anything that was in the standard Arial font would be italicized. This included Google searches and was extremely bothersome and annoying. I read countless forums and help sites with others having similar issues (using the search phrase: "why is everything in google chrome in italics" (yes that simple haha!) but nothing I tried seemed to be working.

These two pictures I got from this forum though the advice it gave didn't actually help me. Notice how in the bottom page, everything is italicized? That's what my screen looked like.
I tried to follow this blog post, but that didn't work for me. I changed all my fonts to Times New Roman and that did nothing. I did notice that if I put the font on Arial, the preview would show the writing in italicized Arial font which told me there was definitely just something wrong with my Arial font. Nevertheless, that may not be the case for you so I am linking you to it in case this solution is the one for your problem.

The next webpage I looked at is a Google forum which lead me to this Microsoft page. It directs you to the download page for the European Union Expansion Font Update. However, the first few times I installed the font update, it said it was successfully downloaded, but when I restarted my computer to "let the changes update", there was still no change and everything was still in italics! What I finally did that worked was... I went to Control Panel, searched "Fonts" in the search bar, clicked on the Fonts folder and went to the Arial font folder. Inside the folder, there are various different types of Arial fonts like Arial Black, Arial Narrow, etc. I deleted the "Arial Regular" and then reinstalled the font update. When I restarted my computer, everything was back to normal! (And yes Arial Regular will be back in the Font folder so it's not like I got rid of it or anything that would mess up the font coding on the computer).

I'm pretty sure this works if you're having trouble with any font so if it's not Arial but another font that's giving you trouble, I would try and follow these same steps but go to that font's folder instead of the Arial folder. Let me know if this worked for you or what you did to fix this problem if you had another solution :)

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