Saturday, January 17, 2015

Good Eats - Hong Kong Edition - BBQ Military (Ep. 7)

It's been a while since my last Good Eats post, but I thought I should share a few more of the places I went to when I was in Hong Kong over the summer. BBQ Military is a Korean barbeque restaurant that, well as the name implies, has a theme centering on the military. Their waiting area chairs are cameo print (see above picture), their servers dress in military uniform, and they even have a mini shooting range with BB guns! You have to be over the age of 18 to use the BB gun but it's totally free and pretty fun. BBQ Military is also owned by the same owners of BBQ 7080, another Korean barbeque restaurant that is also just as popular as BBQ Military. I think there are also a few more branches of 7080 around Hong Kong so it's a bit easier to find.
BBQ Military is pretty popular so if you want to get a table, I would definitely suggest going before peak hours (ie. before 7 PM and even then might be cutting it close) or calling in to make a reservation. If you go in during their busy hours, they might not have any room and all their tables could be reserved meaning your chances of getting a table are slim and only possible if someone doesn't show up for their reservation or cancels. I like the style and concept of the restaurant and it's pretty cool, their seats are like stools but you can pop off the top and stuff your belongings in it making for easy storage and safe keeping. The restaurant does get pretty crowded but that's with most Hong Kong restaurants as space is limited. Your table will definitely get a bit crowded, but it's all good :)
All the tables come with a circular cooking tray in the middle and you usually have one waiter dedicated to you who will help serve and cook your food. I really liked the service because most Hong Kong restaurants don't focus on service and can treat you pretty badly (ie. they just want to get you in and out as quickly as possible). Here, the server really is attentive and they're super helpful. I did go to the 7080 in Tsim Sha Tsui and our server was amazing. I accidentally spilled my tea (they give really good Korean tea!) and she immediately was there with tissues and napkins to help wipe it all up. The server also frequently changes your cooking stove so it doesn't get too oily or covered in burnt food and they also give you a ton of lettuce and mint leaves to wrap your meat in. They also start off by giving you a tray of banchan (Korean starter dishes) which is super good. It comes with kimchi, japchae, cold tofu in some sort of really good sauce, and cabbage in a sort of wasabi paste which I personally don't like wasabi so I didn't care for it much.
I'll admit that the place isn't insanely cheap but it's also not crazy expensive. You get a good portion for what you pay and the meat is reallyy good. Their menu comes in Chinese and English which is great for tourists like me and pictures too ;D I know most people like pork belly but I personally find it too fatty, but if you're into that, then I would definitely recommend it. My favorite dish was the Gwangyang Bulgogi (marinated grilled beef), beef brisket, and some other beef thing that I can't remember what it was called but it was SO good. In the picture below, it's the meat that's rolled up with little hashmarks on the top right corner with the two white circular blobs (those are two slices of mushroom haha).
Overall I would highly recommend BBQ Military if you're looking for good Korean BBQ in Hong Kong. They have really great food and the service is great which is a nice change from the normal usual service you see around Asia. Plus I'm a sucker for Korean BBQ so I really enjoyed going here :) Let me know if you check this place out and what you liked the best!

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