Friday, June 6, 2014

Frozen's Princess Elsa Inspired Makeup Look

One of the most popular Disney princess movies ever was Frozen, recently released in November of 2013. Princess Elsa is definitely beautiful and her purple eye look really stands out. Right after I watched the movie, I was inspired to do a makeup look based off of Princess Elsa's look.
I used the above photo for reference when I was creating this look in case any of you were wondering. I'm in no way saying I look like her or that I could ever look as gorgeous as she does, but I had a lot of fun recreating her look!

I know this is super late and probably way out of season (much more appropriate for fall or winter when I had originally done this) but I just wanted to share it with any of you guys interested. I used a mix of purple shadows and can do a makeup tutorial if any of you are interested~!

I love how soft the look is but still really elegant and pretty. It's a beautiful smokey eye without being too much and you only really fully see the color when you blink/look down. It suits brown eyed girls (anyone get that reference to the Korean girl band? ;D ) or blue eyes like Elsa or really any eye color in my opinion. Anyways I have to go study for my exams but hope you are all enjoying your summer (if you're already finished with school) and good luck to everyone else who still is in school and has finals or end of the year projects coming up! xoxo.

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