Sunday, February 8, 2015

Fashion Inspiration - Three Complete Prom Looks!

So lately I've been thinking back to my Junior and Senior Prom in high school and looking at the (few) photos I took with my boyfriend, I kind of wish someone had consulted me on my dress and style. I mean I didn't look terrible but I know I definitely could have used some help in the whole "coordination of the outfit" sort of thing. I dished out like 80 bucks on these gorgeous heels that my floor-length dress covered for my Senior Prom. So yea, I wasn't exactly the smartest when it came to styling my outfit, but, never fear, I have grown a bit since then and, while I'm not a fashion expert, I thought I'd share three prom looks complete from accessories to shoes and most importantly, the dress! I know most people's proms aren't for a while, but if you girls out there are anything like me, then you'll probably have started looking at dresses already, and hey, it never hurts to get started early right?

1. Hollywood Glam

I was inspired by this beautiful and glamorous dress to create this look. The dark red color is such a classic Hollywood style and I wish I had worn this dress to my prom now! The Etsy bracelets are just so cute and perfect for this look! Because the dress is pretty long, honestly, what shoes you wear shouldn't be too important unless you're super tall (oh the blessings of being short!) in which case, I included some heels that would go nicely with the dress. Yea they're Louis Vouittons and no I would never actually spend that much to buy them but they're pretty and I know there's a ton of knock offs that look similar enough ;D The bag and earrings are both from Forever 21 though so you won't be breaking the bank too much! Nude lips with a neutral smokey eye and a bouffant hairstyle also add to the overall Hollywood feel.

2. Enchanting

This is one of my favorite looks, probably because I love pastel purples, especially like periwinkle. And then silver is another one of my favorite colors so the two together are just the perfect match. I found this dress here. I chose a braided updo matched with long dainty earrings. If you have broader shoulders, you might want to leave your hair down in order to make your shoulders appear less wide, but if you have narrower shoulders, then having your hair up will accentuate your neck and collarbone which I think is a really nice look. The shoes are nice strappy ones that aren't too chunky and match the elegant feel of the dress. I would then pair a smokey eye with accent colors of silver so it's not too dark since the rest of the look is relatively light. Silver nails and maybe a bangle bracelet will complement the overall feel of the look!

3. Classical
I love my strapless, sweet-heart neckline dresses but because I was a swimmer for over 10 years, my shoulders are actually really broad and being that I'm already not that tall, my selection of dresses has always been somewhat limited. However, one of the best ways to make your shoulders appear less broad is to get a halter neckline dress. This dark navy dress is absolutely perfect for slimming down your shoulders and lets your put your hair up without fear! Plus, during my prom season (ie. in the spring and summer), I had the worst strap tans from my swim suits so a halter neckline can at least cover up part of the tan if you are in a similar predicament! Nude shoes by Jessica Simpson, fun earrings, and a golden clutch match the dress and go with the more formal attire. Plus, a good highlighter and a "my lips but better" lipstick will make your face stand out without being overpowering.

I hope you guys enjoyed the three looks I came up with. If I could go to my prom again, I definitely would have spent more time figuring out how to coordinate my look together so hopefully this gave you some sort of inspiration or an idea of how to choose your outfit for your big night! You don't have to buy expensive things but make sure you feel comfortable and beautiful and you'll have an amazing night. I found all the dresses from Weddington Way which is an online store that's mainly for weddings and bridesmaids but all of these dresses can be fit for any occasion really. No I'm not getting paid to endorse them or anything but I did actually really like the site layout and it's so easy to navigate around. The best thing about the site is being able to easily narrow your search by color, fabric, style, neckline, and more options which was kind of amazing! They even have some already put together selections if you don't want your bridesmaids to be all wearing the same dresses and they even have dresses for younger girls (ie. your flower girl and what not). They have an entire selection of bridesmaids dresses to choose from and bride dresses that aren't just white dresses! Definitely check out their website if you're looking to for dresses for any special occasion :)

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